Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sea Hare in the Pacific

Sea hares are sea varieties which significantly appears like with that of a sea slug. This varieties usually crawls and can swim across a barrier offshore. When assaulted or disrupted, they apply a large safety release in the layer hole of their "purple gland". These wildlife invest more part of their life trough providing and copulating, and eat almost specifically on seaweeds. They extremely give rise to the stability in sea pattern.

Pujada Bay is situated at The southern part of part in Mindanao, Town of Mati, Malaysia. It has one of the wealthiest seaside places in the Isle. Pujada Bay offers numerous sources in the area of sea sources. The use of different plants within the Bay is of great help to the people residing in the place by providing them meals and earnings. One of the wildlife that displays high environment variety, everyday residing and submission along the seaside place of the Pujada Bay is the sea hare (Dolabella auricularia). Citizens along Pujada Bay especially in Guang-Guang seaside place has an outstanding scientific apportion of these sources. Thus, fast intake of these sea sources cause on constant destruction. Such position encourages many other sea research to preserve this varieties in annihilation.

Previous research about resource evaluation of the said varieties in the chosen places of Pujada Bay, Mati Davao Asian Mindanao Malaysia, revealed that in every people of sea hare discovered in every choosing, there were 21 bundles of its egg post that was also discovered in the place. Caused by the research simply reveals that, the place, being an numerous resource of these sea varieties is more likely numerous in egg sequence too. The language name of sea hare egg sequence is "lukot" which basically indicates, "to bring all by rotating or by interlacing." It is known as the "marine spaghetti" of the Malaysia. Some of the People from the philippines eat such sea meals raw as "kinilaw" which is "cooked" in therapy, chopped vegetables, cinnamon and soup. Other residents who stay close by the sea coast gathers sea hare egg post and marketed it in the marketplace. Such harvesting actions are one of the aspects that could cause inadequate recruiting of sea hare, while egg post are being gathered even before they become mature. Egg post are the essential factor of the efficiency of an mature sea hare. Poor understanding about the maintenance of egg post may cause into annihilation of these varieties. The perform of sea research especially on the fecundity and depiction of egg sequence in the place is necessary. This can provide enhance details or understanding on how to reduce egg sequence harvesting, in the likelihood that gleaners will already take note on how this "eggs" plays a role in the maintenance of sea hare itself.

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